From Maria..........

When I became a student at the Hudson Valley Resource Training Center, I did not know what to expect. I was excited and also a bit nervous about meeting new people and learning about substance abuse counseling. 

I have always been fond of counselling and helping others. I thought this training would be a great opportunity for me to get more involved in counselling and provide me with a career choice that I can be proud of.  Karen and all of the instructors at the center made us feel so welcome and genuinely cared for. The classes are well structured, organized and very professional. I found myself looking forward to it every Wednesday.

As I got to know my classmates, I became even more excited about attending class.  Seeing them and learning about their lives helped me to learn so much about us as a society and about myself as an individual in society.  In today’s world, we are ALL touched by addiction in one way or another. It is a societal problem that we are all responsible to learn about and help in whatever way we can.

This course has been the highlight of my professional and personal life. Thank you Karen and all at the Hudson Valley Resource Training Center for all that you have given me and for the beautiful people you have brought to my life. 

Our Graduates

Many who have gone onto work in the field of addiction, in inpatient and out patient programs, as recovery coaches, and program coordinators.

From Caitlyn:
"13 months working on my CASAC with HVRTC was life changing!!!!  My first few months in the class I hardly spoke a word unless I was spoken to but after getting comfortable with my classmates and having Karen as our teacher, I had no problems speaking for the remainder of the time.  Karen never looked at teaching as a job.. she taught with passion and engaged the class every single week.  She went above and beyond my expectations as a teacher and the wealth of knowledge I took away from the class is something I hold onto every single day.  I was hesitant to take this class to begin with because I was afraid it would make everything I had been living with over the last 15 years of my life even more real than it already was... and that scared me.  Everyday I watched the person I love struggle trying to be stronger than the alcohol... and I never knew what to do but try be there for them and support them every step of the way doing whatever it was that I thought was right... but without any education on substance abuse, I really had nothing to support them with but love and compassion... and I gave all of it that I could, every single day.  Having enough strength to be stronger than alcohol is an amazingly difficult problem to treat.... and it was Karen that made me realize that I couldn't be the hero who saved the person I loved... that they were the ones who had to be ready to commit to stop drinking and when they were ready, they would do so.. for me this was very frustrating but a good friend of mine told me "Caitlin, relax.. this journey for your loved one is a marathon, not a sprint..."  HVRTC made me look at things from a different perspective and I couldn't be more thankful for that.  I gained more knowledge first hand from my CASAC training and my 2013 graduating class than I did in my entire undergraduate degree and most of my Masters degree... and for that, I am overly thankful."

From Lisa:

Taking the CASAC class at HVRTC was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I really looked forward to going to the classes each week because they were so interesting. After I was about halfway through the course, I started interning at Arms Acres and was lucky enough to get hired after I graduated from the class. I've been using what I've learned in class on a daily basis in my position as a counselor in inpatient rehab. I'll be starting a new position within the company next month helping the case managers with discharge planning for hard to place clients. I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity to take these classes and to have Karen as my teacher. I love my job and taking this class has really changed the course of my life.

From Jessica....

Higher education is always different from college, but my experience at the HVRTC was more than I could ever imagine. At HVRTC we didn't just learn the material, we conducted our own groups and counseling sessions and put everything we learned into practice. We learned more about our classmates than most regular classes would, and we became a family, a place we could share our concerns and get feedback and good advice from our peers, just like a client would from their counselor. At HVRTC it's not just about power points, it encompasses everything we need to know about the counseling field to be the best and most effective counselor we can be. I learned a lot from my teachers and classmates while I was there, I can't imagine getting my CASAC-T anywhere else.