"How do we prevent our kids from starting to use drugs?" Effective drug prevention is an ongoing process that starts in the toddler years. This book is a guide to help you as this journey begins. The suggestions are age appropriate, but their goal will be to mold your child into a positive, self-assured teenager, one that will not be interested in drug use. Although methods of parenting vary from parent to parent, the common goal concerning drug abuse prevention should be to develop children with a strong sense of self, and a very high level of self-esteem. Children need to respect themselves and their loved ones. Children do not come with a manual, and all you can do is your best. Hopefully, the following tools to keep your kids drug free will help you on the journey of parenthood."

Karen Palmiero is available to speak to your school and community groups. As a professional lecturer, Ms. Palmiero can provide a two-hour program for the fee of $250.

About the Author

Karen Milici Palmiero has been working with adolescents who have experienced problems with drugs since 1985. She has counseled hundreds of families, and has presented seminars to thousands of professionals and parents. She has a master's degree in substance abuse counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.   She has worked in the field of addiction for both Arms Acres and Phoenix House.   Her expertise and experience are working with adolescents and their families. To contact Ms. Palmiero please email kpalmiero@hvrtc.com.   "90 Ways To Keep Your Kids Drug Free" can be used as a fundraiser for your school or parent organization.  She is available for community lectures as well.  

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#52 - Teach your children about how drugs destroy families.

Rather than telling your children that drugs kill, teach them about how drugs destroy families. Kids know drugs don't always kill. This statement will likely be ignored due to teen's feeling of immortality, This will work because, whether or not they admit it, family is important to them. Be sure to believe it yourself; drug use destroys families. You have wonderful dreams for your children and family. When drug use enters the picture, all dreams are destroyed. Talk to your children about how drug use would effect all members of your family. Personalize it, drawing a picture of how life would be different if they choose to use drugs.

Editorial Reviews

Parenthood Doesn't Come With Instructions

This book provides simple,age appropriate suggestions to help navigate us through the complicated task of being an effective parent.

I have had this book for over 3 years and I continue to use it as a source of strength and direction. As life gets busy and stressful, parents also need reminders of the simple things we need to do and discuss with our kids. My children are reaching that age where I'm no longer there in all their social gatherings and this book has been instrumental in having meaningful conversations about their hopes and dreams and how drugs ruin those hopes and dreams. They also know where I stand on drug use without it being a lecture that gets tuned out. I highly recommend this book.

This book was well written with easy to follow suggestions from the toddler years to the teens. I believe following the suggestions will not only help with prevention of drug use, but will help to raise a well adjusted, highly motivated, and well rounded child! I only wish it were around when my children were small! I would highly recommend this book as a gift to anyone who is having a child, or even thinking about becoming a parent! Easy read, with easy to implement suggestions. Thank you Ms. Palmiero!!!

Being a father of two boys, I refer to the book frequently to assist and help me with direction on anti drug messages. The book is a great tool for the average parent seeking easy to read, easy to understand tips. I encourage all parents to purchase one not only for themselves, but as a gift for other parents.